Making it New: “Take the map as an example….”

The print map has largely gone away…online mapping has become the norm. And in the process, the form of what we expect from maps has completely changed...are there similar transformations that we can expect in what we think of as the book?…That’s where the really interesting game is going to be played—in making it new.  Tim O’Reilly, Founder, O’Reilly Media, Forbes interview, March 25, 2011

Innovation and Growth: The Challenge in 2013

Every country or region wants to be the home to a technologically innovative industry cluster that creates high-wage jobs even while it attracts talent, capital, and global attention.  While everyone wants to be the next Silicon Valley experience has shown that there is no guaranteed formula for creating or attracting concentrations of innovative activity.

Everyone Wants the Next Silicon Valley

In January 1971 Electronics News published a series of articles that is credited with popularizing the name “Silicon Valley” for a semiconductor industry cluster in and near the Santa Clara Valley of California.   Over the subsequent decades industry in the Santa Clara Valley has shifted directions many times.  The one constant has been the steady increase in the iconic stature of the concept of the next Silicon Valley.

The Washington Advisory Group

The Washington Advisory Group, LLC was founded in 1996 by a small group of experienced, successful leaders of internationally renowned institutions of scientific and engineering research and higher education. The company was formed to provide research strategy, management, and leadership advice to governments, universities, research foundations, and companies.