The New Advisory Group was founded in 2012 and operated as Course Gateway through 2015.   Founders of The New Advisory Group include Bruce Guile, Jack Breese, Damian Saccocio and Micki Leder.

In 1996, Bruce Guile was a founding member of a predecessor enterprise, The Washington Advisory Group, and served as its managing director or president through 2011.  Current principals or associates of the New Advisory Group include Micki Leder, Jack Breese, Damian Saccocio, and Tom Owens, each of whom worked closely with The Washington Advisory Group between 2000 and 2011.

The New Advisory Group works with companies, governments, and their university partners on both commercial innovation and related civic agendas.  These include goals such as improving the regional economy, improving public health, building local human capital, and opening a portal from a region to the world’s research and graduate education enterprises.

In the 21st century, the success of civic or industrial S&T enterprises depend on working effectively within a dense global network of individuals, start-ups, institutions, and companies with similar or complementary capabilities.   The New Advisory Group has unusually deep and broad experience helping clients leverage these global knowledge networks to reach their goals. 

Consistent with its history as Course Gateway, Inc., the company has a special focus on the development and deployment of next generation digital publishing solutions for knowledge management, education, and decision support.






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