Marina Djernaes

Marina Djernaes is an associate of The New Advisory Group, and the Executive Operating Officer at EcoPeace Middle East, with responsibility for operational development, strategic planning and global expansions. She has in excess of twenty years of experience in strategic management and sustainable development in Middle East, USA, Latin America, Asia, Africa, Central and Eastern Europe. Marina has facilitated operational expansions, and advancement of working relationships to secure engagement and integration of business development.

As co-author to a World Bank policy framework on climate change impact, she worked on economic capacity development in the Arab World, environmental impact and adaptation strategies, human development, good governance, land and water use, biodiversity, and natural resource management. Marina was part of the team that delivered the regional vision of Jordan Valley’s capacity and path for growth presented in the report Regional NGO Master Plan for Sustainable Development in the Jordan Valley.  Her recent publication includes "Evaluation of Environmental Peacemaking Strategies in Jordan-Israel-Palestine" in the Journal of Peacebuilding & Development.

Prior work includes being a co-founder of Course Gateway (now The New Advisory Group) and serving as director at Greenpeace managing all financial aspect of $30m annual operation and $180m investments.  Marina’s early career focused on financial and strategic analysis of business expansions in the high tech sector of telecommunication and internet development in companies such as Tata Communication where she managed all financial aspects of product management ($2.8b annual revenue) and Sprint with responsibilities for regional finance. She holds a Master of Environmental Science from Johns Hopkins University and an MBA from the American University in Washington DC.